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New Marzano Book - Understanding Rigor in the Classroom

Dr. Robert Marzano's Suite

Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement

Supervise and Support Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

Synthesizing nearly 40 years of meta-analysis research and research of his own, Dr. Robert Marzano developed the groundbreaking Suite Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement as a coherent and aligned approach for school districts to support and monitor the development of highly effective teachers in every classroom.

The Suite, powered by iObservation, is designed as an integrated and powerful set of tools and supports for districts to systematically improve the classroom instruction all their teachers as evidenced by gains in student achievement. Building on the Art and Science of Teaching, Dr. Marzano's Suite represents the continuation of his research including his most recent work regarding the flow of instruction with lesson segments. Each component of the Suite is developed and continuously updated by Dr. Marzano to ensure it embodies the most current research findings.

The Suite contains Dr. Marzano's:

Marzano Protocol – Upgrades walkthroughs, evaluation, instructional rounds, and observations to monitor and support use of research-based strategies for effective teaching in every classroom.

Marzano Protocol Professional Development: The Leaders of Learning Program – Support Professional Development for effective teachers using the Marzano Observation and Feedback Protocol

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model – Dr. Marzano's Teacher Evaluation Model establishes the direct cause & effect relationship between teaching strategies & student achievement.

Online Library of Professional Development Resources – supports teachers with professional development resources in their assessed growth areas

Online Courses for Teachers – systematically builds the knowledge and skills for teachers to improve their instruction as evidenced by student achievement gains

MSEd: Art & Science of Teaching – Online Masters in Education for teachers seeking to improve their classroom instruction and become certified in the Art and Science of Teaching

Why Most Classroom Walkthroughs are Ineffective

Why Most Classroom Walkthroughs are Ineffective

Dr. Robert Marzano reflects on limitations of most classroom walkthrough and teacher observation systems.