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Race to the Top Survival Guide for Massachusetts Districts and Schools

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Massachusetts has won Race to the Top funding. Districts in Massachusetts that participate in Race to the Top have clear expectations based on the memorandum of understanding that was signed. Districts must come up with a final scope of work by November 21 that describes how these requirements will be met. iObservation has capabilities that will allow your district or school to meet a number of these requirements.

Massachusetts Requirements for Race to the Top Participants

Massachusetts RequirementiObservation Solution
Implement evaluation systems that incorporate multiple measures of effectiveness including significant attention to student growthiObservation collects evidences from multiple data sources including formal observations, classroom walkthroughs, peer assessments, and self assessments. The system ties classroom level student achievement data to specific teaching practices. iObservation establishes an evaluation system with a multi-faceted view of professional practice.
Conduct annual evaluations and use evaluations to inform professional development and decisions around compensation, promotion, retention, professional teaching status (tenure), and removaliObservation provides all of the information required for informed decisions on professional development, compensation, promotion, and retention. Data from iObservation is collected from multiple sources, is based on observed performance, and is aligned to the district's goals.
Improve teacher and principal effectiveness based on performanceiObservation reports teacher and leadership performance data over time in specific areas of practice. This data is used to identify opportunities for improvement and professional development needs. Using performance data, teachers and leaders can create custom plans to address improvement needs.
Provide effective support to teachers and principals in the form of high-quality professional development and measure the effectiveness of that professional developmentiObservation maps differentiated and targeted professional development resources to areas of need identified in evaluations for each individual. The system also measures teacher and leadership performance over time to chart the effectiveness of the professional development. The resources are available in an online library with 24/7 access.
Ensure effective teachers and leaders in every classroomiObservation identifies effective teaching and leadership practices based on the work of top researchers including Dr. Robert Marzano, Charlotte Danielson, and Dr. Douglas Reeves. These practices are directly connected to observation tools, reports, and professional development to ensure that they are applied to evaluations and professional growth plans. iObservation collects and reports data from multiple sources to provide an accurate picture of the effectiveness of each teacher and leader.

Source: Massachusetts Participating Local Education Agency Memorandum of Understanding, Exhibit I – Preliminary Scope of Work

iObservation has developed solutions to meet Race to the Top requirements with the nations top education experts including Charlotte Danielson and Dr. Robert Marzano. The result is a system that incorporates student achievement data, teacher observations, leadership observations, and performance evaluations into a comprehensive view of school performance.

Race to the Top will challenge Massachusetts districts and schools to develop whole new approaches for evaluating teachers and increasing teacher effectiveness. iObservation provides a proven, research-based approach that allows educators to handle these changes with confidence. There are a number of options to learn more about Race to the Top solutions with iObservation:

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