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Teacher Growth - It All Starts with a Common Language of Instruction

Marzano (Interview, 2008) has suggested that the educational field is lacking a common language/model of instruction to describe effective teaching. Having a comprehensive model in which everybody talks about teaching in the same way communicates a message that “we are serious about good teaching…”

Watch as Dr. Marzano Explains the Power of a Common Language of Instruction

How Does a Common Language Improve Teacher Growth?

  • Provides a framework for a way to talk about instruction that is shared by everyone
  • Principals and teachers use it to discuss effective teaching, give and receive feedback, collect and act upon data
  • Informs professional development needs aligned to the framework

iObservation’s Role in Supporting Your Common Language

Key Elements- Common Language of InstructioniObservation
Common framework identifies aspects of teaching that everyone agrees onSupports the development of a common vocabulary, clear expectations, and shared understanding of effective practices
Curriculum and assessments that support meaningful instructionHelps clarify expectations for teaching and learning using research based instructional frameworks.
Availability of high-quality materials that are on-demand and readily availableProvides evidence-based professional learning. Access the online library 24/7 for maximum convenience and offers flexibility without interrupting teachers’ classroom instructional time. Each item is connected to Dr. Marzano’s 41 key strategies of the appropriate lesson segments
Connected to collaborative work in professional learning communities. Supported by coaching and mentoringProvides 21st Century technologies for learning, communicating, collaborating and reflecting within professional learning communities.

It all comes down to improving student achievement, which is directly correlated to teacher growth. A common language of instruction is essential in achieving that goal.

To read more regarding the importance of a common language of instruction, see page five on Marzano’s White Paper on Race to The Top (PDF)

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