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The 2017 Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model is coming soon to iObservation and will be available for the 2017-2018 school-year.

Classroom Observation Forms

iObservation’s classroom observation forms provide rich content and video resources that elevate classroom visits above traditional observation checklists. They may be used to conduct informal classroom walkthroughs, teacher observations, instructional rounds, and teacher self-assessments.

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Observation Forms Content

Marzano Art & Science of Teaching Observation and Feedback Protocol

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  • Identify 41 key strategies revealed by research for effective teaching
  • Organize key strategies in a robust, easy to understand model of instruction
  • Available in Dr. Robert Marzano’s Suite Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement
  • Synthesize over 35 years of Dr. Marzano’s research on effective teaching and learning strategies

Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching

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  • Supports Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching by enabling pre-observation planning, classroom observations, and post-observation reflection
  • Integrates Framework for Teaching rubrics into observation and artifact collection forms for easy reference
  • Works in conjunction with artifact collection, self-assessments, and professional development plans for a complete evaluation process
  • Facilitates a collegial and collaborative growth and evaluation process through rich professional conversations

Leadership Performance Matrix

Learn more about Leadership Performance Matrix.

  • Gain a new vision for leadership assessment and coaching
  • Provide tools to support leadership evaluation that is formative, constructive and unambiguous

Research-Based Practices Observation Forms

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  • Focus on classroom strategies in PK-12 across all disciplines and content areas
  • Provide research-based tools for Classroom Management, Curriculum Design and Instructional Strategies
  • Reference works of Marzano, Danielson and Wong

21st Century Teaching and Learning Observation Forms

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  • Address research-based strategies in the 21st Century teaching and learning environment
  • Provide resources for discipline-specific tracks: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
  • Integrate the use of technology and student engagement to support high school and middle school reform initiatives
  • Developed with renowned national experts: Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, Marc Prensky, Timothy Lucas, Dr. Fred Newmann, Dr. Nancy Dana, and Pamela Livingston

Early Literacy Observation Forms

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  • Focus on three main themes: Classroom Environment, Assessment and Explicit Instruction
  • Provide research-based strategies in the essential elements of early reading instruction, oral language, writing and assessment
  • Referenced works of Isabel Beck, Gay Su Pinnell, Irene Fountas, Timothy Shanahan, P. David Pearson, Louisa Moats, Michael Pressley, James Flood, Marilyn Adams, among others

State Teacher Evaluation Forms

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  • Bridge the data gap between formative classroom walkthroughs and summative teacher evaluations
  • Develop custom observation forms that align with state’s teacher evaluation framework
  • Digitize state’s teacher evaluation forms in iObservation
  • Available state teacher evaluation forms in iObservation:
    • California Professional Teaching Standards (All 6 Categories)
    • Pennsylvania Teacher Evaluation Forms (PDE 426, 427, 428)
    • Tennessee Framework for Evaluation and Professional Growth
    • Your State’s Teacher Evaluation Form

Custom District or School Observation Forms

Contact us about digitizing your district or school forms in iObservation.

  • Digitize existing district and school observation forms with flexible customization options
  • Facilitate seamless implementation by bridging iObservation with current district and school initiatives