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Instructional Rounds - Improving Yourself by Observing Others

Establish a systematic way for staff to observe each other using a common language of instruction using instructional rounds.

Teams of teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators, led by a lead teacher, visit classrooms and then discuss what they observed using the schools/districts common language of instruction.

Using observation through instruction rounds

  • Will increase the pedagogical skill of educators within a district or school through the reflective discussion that follows an observation.
  • Will enable observers to compare and contrast their practice with observed practice.
  • Will empower the observed teachers to use the information gleaned from their observations to reflect on their own practice.

Enhance growth by using instructional rounds

  • Provide a protocol for teachers and administrators to use as a common language of instruction for discussion and feedback about improving student learning.
  • Provide a vehicle for the observer to learn how strategies manifest in the classroom.

Download Dr. Marzano’s paper on Instructional rounds and try this technique for yourself. (PDF)

Teachers can take advantage of classroom footage videos in our resource libraries to compare how classroom strategies are used in the examples we provide to the teaching observed in your district.

iObservation features resource libraries for both Charlotte Danielson and Dr. Robert Marzano .

Contact us or sign up for a demonstration to learn more about how iObservation’s resource libraries can help your teachers prepare and reflect upon observations made during instructional rounds.