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New Marzano Book - Understanding Rigor in the Classroom

Professional Learning Communities - Facilitating an environment that supports teacher growth

iObservation allows you to develop a systematic way for teachers to interact about instruction using 21st Century technology.

Virtual professional learning communities and job-embedded experiences help teachers and leaders engage in deliberate practice to improve student outcomes.

The feedback loops allow for continuous dialogue and collaboration that builds sustainable professional learning communities. Because the conversations are conveniently conducted online, they can be maintained without interrupting teachers’ classroom time and administrators’ busy schedules.

iObservation provides resources and virtual solutions that your district’s professional learning communities can use to take book studies and professional practice discussions to the next level.

Watch as Dr. Marzano Describes PLCs in iObservation

iObservation: Innovative Virtual Environment That Fosters Efficient PLCs

Attributes of Professional Learning CommunitiesiObservation Virtual PLCs
Share Personal PracticeEngage in conversation, reflection and collaboration within virtual professional learning communities. Ability for teachers to have discussions about specific aspects of pedagogy virtually, and at their own discretion.
Supportive ConditionsAccess the online library 24/7 for maximum convenience and offers flexibility without interrupting teachers’ classroom instructional time.
Move beyond procedure to strategies for improvement Improved instruction through deliberate practice- teachers implement strategy as part of their growth plans and chart the impact on student achievement.
Collective CreativityCollaborate as members of a collegial community and help each other improve professional practice to increase student achievement.

Find better Reflection Activities. EXAMPLE of Tools Available:

Lesson Segments Involving Routine Events

In this sample form, you will be able to implement a strategy and conduct a self-evaluation on providing a clearly stated learning goal and performance rubric to students. Use the reflection activity to conduct a self-assessment and initiate a discussion with your peers. Imagine being able to virtually collaborate with a group of teachers, in addition to having on-demand access to a variety of professional development resources. The result is a time-saving and efficient tool that fosters improved professional practice. Click here to download the PDF

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