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New Marzano Book - Understanding Rigor in the Classroom

Professional Development Resource Libraries

iObservation is the only system where you can find content frameworks from leaders in the field, including Dr. Robert Marzano’s research-proven strategies for teacher effectiveness. Electronic access to Dr. Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching Observation and Feedback Protocol is exclusively available in iObservation.

Through decades of research, these experts have developed hundreds of professional learning resources for educators, including videos, articles, teacher tools, and student tools. For the first time, these items are organized in an online resource library that aligns to the author’s content framework.

Content FrameworkProfessional Development Resource Library
Marzano Art and Science of Teaching Observation and Feedback ProtocolAligned Marzano Resource Library
iObservation Research-Based PracticesAligned iObservation Research-Based Library
District or School FrameworkAligned to appropriate library of choice

When schools use a content framework to define effective practices and collect data, iObservation reveals growth areas and recommends the appropriate resources from the aligned library to address those needs. This powerful combination bridges the gap between professional development and effective implementation by offering on-demand learning that is targeted, relevant, and applicable.

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