The Framework for Teaching

Develop Highly Effective Teachers

Across the country, Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching has been used by educators to identify a coherent, clear set of standards that define effective teaching. Her comprehensive framework respects the complexity and significance of the teaching profession. It incorporates tools that help teachers reflect upon, understand, and enhance their practice, ultimately impacting student achievement. The Framework for Teaching defines a comprehensive set of responsibilities connected to increased student learning.
  • 4 Domains – Each of the four domains (Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities) contains components.
  • 22 Components – distinct, yet inter-related aspects of each domain
  • 76 Elements – specific features of each component
The framework conveniently organizes these characteristics into rubrics for easy reference when applying them to observations, personal reflection, or professional development plans. iObservation is the only technology platform to incorporate Charlotte Danielson’s official Framework for Teaching. It supports the framework with a variety of resources:
  • Classroom Observation Forms
  • Efficiency Tools
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Framework for Teaching Rubrics
  • Online Resource Library
  • Teacher Workshops
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