Online Courses for Teachers

PD to Systematically Develop Effective Teachers

The Online Program to Support Effective Teaching is designed by Dr. Marzano for teachers to systematically acquire and implement the progression of knowledge and skills to become highly effective classroom teachers as evidenced by gains in student achievement.

The series is a particularly powerful way to upgrade new teacher induction programs and includes supports for teacher mentors, instructional coaches, and learning communities.

During this groundbreaking program of study, teachers:

  • Learn about the Art and Science of Teaching framework
  • Acquire and implement 41 key competencies revealed by research for effective teaching in a robust, yet easy to understand model of instruction, based on the Art and Science of Teaching
  • Gain skills to increase comprehension of content, student engagement, critical thinking, high expectations, and more
  • Monitor the progress of their students’ learning gains as their instruction improves with the use of research-based strategies

Online Program to Support Effective Teaching:

  1. Foundations of the Art & Science of Teaching
  2. Establishing Learning Goals to Support Learning & Instructional Design
  3. Monitoring & Measuring Student Progress
  4. Actively Processing New Content
  5. Extending Student Learning
  6. Designing Instruction for Student Engagement
  7. Creating an Effective Classroom Environment
  8. Developing Relationships and High Expectations for Student Learning

Courses may be taken as a program of study or individually. Dr. Robert Marzano’s Online Program to Support Effective Teaching on iObservation is part of the Marzano Suite for Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement.