Marzano Protocol PD: The Leaders of Learning Program

Supervise and Support Effective Teachers in Every Classroom

The Leaders of Learning Program is the professional development for district and school leaders to skillfully use the Marzano Observation and Feedback Protocol for supervising and supporting effective teachers in every classroom.

The program is delivered in six professional development sessions spaced over a school year delivered either in-person or online. Each session builds on the previous to deepen observers’ skills and effectiveness. Topics include:

  • Marzano Observation and Feedback Protocol
  • Inter-rater reliability for observers
  • Constructing effective feedback
  • Analyzing data on teacher practice for trends and patterns
  • Collecting data to convene collegial conversation
  • Connecting teacher practice to student achievement

Leaders completing the program will receive a certificate of completion from Marzano Research Laboratory and Learning Sciences International.

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Leaders of Learning Program on iObservation is part of the Marzano Suite for Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement and is required for all observers using the Marzano Protocol.