Marzano Protocol

Connect Teacher Learning to Student Learning

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Observation and Feedback Protocol upgrades walkthroughs, instructional rounds, and observations to monitor and support use of research-based strategies for effective teaching in every classroom.

The Marzano Protocol, powered by iObservation, identifies the 41 key strategies revealed by research for effective teaching presented in a robust, easy-to-understand model of instruction based on the Art and Science of Teaching. Feedback loops based on instructional evidence on the use of research-based strategies support teachers growth in their instructional effectiveness. Reports show progress in instructional improvements.

Instructional leaders learn how to use the protocol, provide meaningful feedback, and to support teachers’ growth through a professional development program. Companion professional development for teachers supports the implementation and growth in use of research-based instructional strategies as evidenced by student achievement gains.

The Marzano Protocol — The model of instruction for teacher effectiveness:

  • Monitor and supports the implementation of research-based strategies into classroom instruction
  • Identifies 41 key strategies revealed by research for effective teaching
  • Identifies the appropriate strategies for different types of lessons to maximize student learning
  • Provides a common language/model of instruction for effective teaching
  • Offers flexibility for district customization to align with current focus or initiatives

Easy to understand, straightforward to use — the Marzano Protocol supports the development of effective teachers in every classroom.

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Observation and Feedback Protocol on iObservation is part of the Marzano Suite for Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement.