Classroom Observation

iObservation is a comprehensive data collection and management system that reports real-time data from classroom walkthroughs, teacher observations, self-assessments, instructional rounds, and evaluations. It is a convenient, web-based program accessible on any computer with an Internet connection. Offline functionality is also available for buildings and locations without wireless access.

Using efficient electronic tools and research-based content resources, iObservation enables administrators to focus on instructional leadership while helping them stay compliant with state and district requirements. Feedback can be sent to teachers immediately following the classroom visit for a transparent and effective process.

Whether you prefer to collect teacher data using your school’s current walkthrough or observation forms or decide to take advantage of existing research-based and expert models in iObservation, we offer solutions that advance – not interrupt – your mission and goals.

iObservation improves the classroom observation process in a number of ways:

  • Increase efficiency with an automated and systematized process
  • Create focus for busy instructional leaders using content resources like exemplary classroom videos that identify effective practices
  • Remove the burden of paper-based documentation
  • Make data-based decisions informed by real-time reports, aggregated or disaggregated
  • Send effective feedback to teachers that encourages reflection and supports growth
  • Choose your language of instruction: digitize your own content, use the iObservation research-based framework, or adopt an expert framework from Charlotte Danielson or Dr. Robert Marzano.
  • Enjoy convenient wireless, offline, or mobile access

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