“When I first saw iObservation’s platform, and then the ability for teachers to have discussions about specific aspects of pedagogy virtually and at their own discretion — now they can have that at 8 o’clock at night or on a Saturday morning — for me, it just kind of clicked as ‘this is it’. This is a solution that actually works.”

~ Dr. Robert Marzano

iObservation offers schools and districts a virtual environment for systematizing and sustaining professional learning communities. It is a forum for leaders and teachers to participate and engage as members of a collegial community, helping themselves and each other improve in their professional practice to increase student achievement.

Online dialogue enhances in-person conversations while remaining unobtrusive to teachers’ classroom time and administrators’ busy schedules. iObservation offers opportunities for private one-on-one conversations, group forums across the district/school, or small groups of teachers or leaders.

iObservation collaboration tools allow teachers in a department to work together, co-creating common assessments, getting feedback around a new lesson plan, identifying solutions to common challenges, and supporting each other to help every student learn.