Implementation Services

Seamless Implementation

As districts and schools implement iObservation, we recognize that it is not their only initiative. Our comprehensive services help integrate iObservation with existing district programs for continuity and focus, facilitating ease of implementation and system use.

Our team of experts brings diverse experiences ranging from large statewide and district implementations to individual schools. Partnering with district cross-functional teams, they support educators through an integrated implementation process.

Listening to needs of district cross-functional teams to develop custom implementation plan Preparing iObservation for immediate use by configuring district data before the first training session Facilitating learning experiences on effective leadership practices and hands-on technology use Applying iObservation at the district for classroom walkthroughs, teacher observations and instructional rounds Using data to inform a continuous improvement cycle for sustainability

Ongoing, Lasting Supports

To support sustainability and long-term success, districts’ implementation plans are reviewed and revised regularly in collaboration with central office leaders, using data to inform our consultation sessions. Our support services offer:<

  • Ongoing feedback regarding the district’s progress to goal
  • Key trends and patterns emerging from professional development feedback and data
  • Recommendations for follow up and support
  • Engagement in a continuous improvement cycle for sustainability