Online Resource Library

Tools for Professional Growth

The Danielson Collection online resource library contains a comprehensive and growing collection of professional development tools that teachers can use on-demand for continuous learning and improvement. This dynamic online library continues to expand with the most recent and up-to-date resources developed by Charlotte Danielson.

Items in the Danielson Collection Online Resource Library include:

  • Documents — articles written by Charlotte Danielson that connect theory to practice and provide research-based insights to her framework with an in-depth explanation of the four domains, 22 components, and 76 elements of the Framework for Teaching
  • Videos
    • Charlotte Danielson explains and provides examples of each domain, component, and element in her framework.
    • Classroom footage demonstrates how theory is applied to teaching practice.
  • Teacher Tools — planning documents, feedback and coaching forms, reflective questionnaires, and student activities linked to improved teacher practice
  • Forms and Rubrics — for conducting observations, walkthroughs, hiring interviews, and teacher self-assessment

Library Samples

Teacher Tool

Effective Pedagogical Approach Template

This tool helps teachers develop skills in Domain 1, Planning and Preparation, by providing a template and example of an instructional approach to a lesson.

Teacher Tool

Classroom Safety Assessment

This tool helps teachers consider ways to make their classrooms a safer place for their students, a component of Domain 2, Classroom Environment.

Teacher Tool

Analyzing the Effectiveness of an Activity or Assignment

This tool guides teachers through the analysis of their activity or assignment to determine its impact on student learning, a component of Domain 4, Professional Responsibilities.

Classroom Video with Commentary from Charlotte Danielson

Component 3b: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques

This footage of teachers and students in a real classroom demonstrates how questioning and discussion can create student engagement. Charlotte Danielson comments on why the strategy was so effectively implemented with students in this situation.

Interview with Charlotte Danielson

Component 3b: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques

Charlotte Danielson outlines challenges teachers can face when communicating with the families of their students.

Each item in the Danielson Library is connected to its appropriate component and domain in the Framework for Teaching, aligning teacher professional development to observations and evaluations, feedback, and self-assessment.

When combined with classroom observations, self-assessments, and professional development plans, the resource library provides professional development targeted to each teacher’s individual needs along with other benefits:

  • Access the online library 24/7 for maximum convenience
  • Enjoy flexibility without interrupting classroom instructional time
  • Engage in research-based professional development experiences without incurring travel costs
  • Use concise resources targeted to address individual growth needs
  • Stay on a learning pathway that promotes continuous improvement in practice