Efficiency Tools

Teacher Evaluations the Way They Were Originally Intended … for Growth

iObservation helps busy principals manage the teacher evaluation process so that they can focus on meaningful feedback for professional growth. With automated efficiency tools in iObservation, you can replace thick binders and file folders with an electronic system that neatly organizes your data and documents. iObservation eliminates the hassle of a paperwork process and allows principals to focus teacher evaluations on what really matters — developing and supporting the growth of every teacher.

Streamline the Framework for Teaching Process

During one classroom visit, it’s very possible that principals may collect nearly 100 separate evidences observed across various components and domains within the Framework for Teaching. iObservation smartly groups these evidences so that you can easily get to them when you need them, by individual components. This quick and convenient retrieval allows you to see all evidences for one component, target them for specific and meaningful feedback, and ultimately assign fair ratings for teachers.

Danielson’s Recommended Resources for Enhancing Professional Practice

Teacher evaluations are the not the end, but rather the beginning of growth and development. As teacher growth areas are revealed, they can immediately access Danielson’s Online Resource Library to watch classroom videos with Charlotte’s commentary, download teacher tools, and use other resources targeted to specific components. Observers can directly link to relevant professional development resources in conferences and discussions in the system. The combination of focused feedback and targeted professional development enables teachers to become stronger in the areas of greatest need.