Online Library of Professional Development Resources

Accelerate Teachers’ Instructional Improvement

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Library of Online Resources is the perfect companion to the Marzano Observation and Feedback Protocol. As teachers’ assessed need areas are revealed through the use of the Marzano Protocol, the Library provides on-demand professional development resources for use to improve instructional effectiveness.

Library Samples

Article with Reflection Activity

A Well-Articulated Knowledge Base

In this article, Dr. Marzano breaks down his Art and Science of Teaching framework to help teachers understand specific strategies and behaviors, along with how and when to use them effectively. A concluding activity facilitates teacher reflection on the article.

Article with Reflection Activity

Characteristics of High-Quality Teachers

This article uncovers components of effective teaching and the extent to which they can contribute toward teacher quality. Reflective questions help teachers consider the content within the context of their experiences.

Interview with Dr. Marzano

Expert Teachers

In this inspiring video, Dr. Marzano helps teachers understand the power they have to take charge of their own growth toward expertise to ensure the learning and achievement of every student.

Classroom Video with Commentary from Dr. Marzano

Chunking Content into Digestible Bites

This classroom footage shows music teacher using the technique of breaking content into small pieces. Dr. Marzano explains how the strategy was effectively implemented and improved student comprehension of the material.

Classroom Video with Commentary from Dr. Marzano

Previewing New Content

In this clip a science teacher previews a unit for her class. Dr. Marzano describes different ways previews can be used to prepare students for a lesson or unit.

Classroom Video with Commentary from Dr. Marzano

Identifying Critical Information

Dr. Marzano uses this clip of a language arts teacher to show how to identify critical information in a lesson for students. By identifying critical information, Dr. Marzano says the teacher helped students focus when it was most important.

Classroom Video with Commentary from Dr. Marzano

Organizing Students to Interact with New Knowledge

This video shows a science class teacher preparing his students to engage in small group discussions. Dr. Marzano uses the clip to highlight the importance of establishing routines and procedures with students before breaking them into groups.

Teachers are able to utilize a rich collection of resources within the library including professional development modules, exemplary videos of best practices, videos of Dr. Marzano and articles. The Marzano Library of Resources may be used to differentiate professional development according to each teacher’s assessed needs and to support the attainment of professional growth goals.

The Marzano Library of Online Resources:

  • Are accessible on-demand 24/7 by teachers
  • Target assessed need areas for teachers
  • Offer economical professional development
  • Support continuous improvements in instructional practice

Dr. Robert Marzano’s Online Library of Resources on iObservation is part of the Marzano Suite for Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement. It may be used in conjunction with the Suite or separately.

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