Student Data

Bridging the Gap

Over the past decade, schools and districts have implemented electronic data systems to collect an abundance of teacher and student data. Of those data systems, very few, if any, provide leaders and teachers formative, actionable data that support changes in instructional practice connected to improved student performance. (U.S. Department of Education, Use of Education Data at the Local Level, From Accountability to Instructional Improvement)

iObservation is excited to bring you the first system that collects and reports formative student achievement data for teachers, provided at the right time to inform immediate changes in their instructional practice that lead to improved student performance.

iObservation allows teachers to isolate and assess their performance on a specific, targeted instructional strategy, engage in deliberate practice with focused implementation of that strategy, and collect formative student achievement data directly related to their implementation of that strategy.

For the first time, teachers have the power to analyze the impact of their classroom practices as it directly connects to the performance of their students. Because results are immediately accessible, teachers can continuously adjust their instruction to achieve the greatest gains in student learning.

Student Data Connected to Teaching Practices in iObservation

  • Narrow, targeted, and specific to qualify as deliberate practice
  • Focused to isolate the impact of instruction directly on student learning
  • Timely in reporting actionable data that lead to better instructional decisions
  • Filtered data to support changes in teaching that can narrow the achievement gap between student subgroups
  • Teachers tell their own stories through qualitative reflections on quantitative data
  • Ease of use and interaction, making it easy to understand and complete
  • Based on research methodologies, with all calculations automatically performed by the system
  • Meets federal requirements for connecting teacher effectiveness to student outcomes
  • As the leading solution for developing teacher effectiveness, iObservation now offers schools and districts the missing link to bridge the gap between daily instructional practices and student performance data.